Thursday, April 16, 2009

Filmic Vibe on TV

When the call went up from the LAMBlogathon to write about television that watches like film, I was in the throws of discovering Battlestar Galactica. Rich in characters, plot, drama, irony, humor, my inner geek is truly satisfied by this series. And all the women are so bad ass. On DVD, with no interruptions, it's like watching a good sci-fi film. So say we all.

When it comes to quality television, I've found some real gems on cable and network programing through DVD. Shows like The Sopranos, Weeds, Entourage, Huff, Arrested Development and Lost are as well written, produced and acted as any film I've seen. Of these, I probably consumed The Sopranos most voraciously. Common threads to all of these are family, humor and creatvity. DVD is a fun way to consume TV series. For me, it puts them in a format that feels like film. Cool stuff.


Fletch said...

It's really high time that Mrs. Fletch and I get a Tivo. We're not avid TV watchers (we go to the movies too much for that!), sticking only to LOST and Survivor as our every-week-can't-miss staples.

Oh well - that's what the DVD is for, after all, I suppose...

Linda said...

Fletch~The kids gave me Tivo and I LOVE it. I still don't subscribe to the premium channels, but that's where DVD comes in. I don't feel the need to see series TV shows in real time. Hell I just stated watching Rescue Me, ha!