Monday, April 27, 2009

Tribeca 2009 Day One

With the weekend of family fun behind me, I dive headlong into Tribeca Film Festival in a new fashion. Instead of embedding myself at hotel in Tribeca, I have accepted my generous daughters' invitations, and will be working the commute into NYC this week.

Today I took the bus from Bloomfield, NJ to Port Authority. I found the subway *whew*, got on the train that went past the box office *damn*, turned around *whew*, trained back to the box office *no fare*, got all my tickets for the week *score*, navigated Canal Street in 80 degree heat *yuck*, trained up to Astor place *2 tries*, walked to the theater *steamy*, had time for a beer *yay* and saw an excellent documentary Burning Down the House:The Story of CBGB *awesome*.

After the film, I popped into The Watering Hole off Union Square, where I had a delicious BLT wrap with avocado, while chatting Twilight, gambling, swine flu, Big Bang Theory and celebrity sitings with the patrons and bartenders.

On the way back to the bus, I was nervous about finding my gate, but Ben Wagner's songs on my iPod as I walked trough Times Square, and a text from Melanie as I approached the gate, seemed to assure me that I was headed in the right direction. I found my way back to Bloomfield without incident. Now Gonzo is sleeping on my feet. I get to play with Eli in the morning and see another film tomorrow night.

Great start to the week!


2 Dollar Productions said...

Sounds like a good start to the festival & congratulations on overcoming obstacles. Ha. Here's to a continuing good time.

Linda said...

2D~Yeah, whoever thought riding the bus would freak me out. Glad to be here, always love being in NYC!