Monday, December 15, 2008

Great Holiday Film Scenes

Over at the LAMB, Fletch posted a blog-a-thon question "what is your favorite scene in a holiday film?" A fun challenge for me, as so many films take place during the holidays. I was stumped when I first read this, as so many great scenes flashed through my mind. This weekend I watched Gremlins and my decision was made. The scene when there gremlins are watching the film Snow White is absolutely hilarious. Raucous and obnoxious, violent and festive. It's a bit twisted, but I had a good laugh and felt like eating a candy cane when all was said and done. No it's not heart warming, but all the aspects of the holiday, joy, candy, song, tinsel, funny hats and unbridled celebration, burst through in this scene. Love it!

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