Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Flick Picks 12/12/08

With the most highly anticipated films of the year in limited release, it's slim pickin's for new releases in RI theaters. I have high hope for Nothing Like the Holidays, but The Day the Earth Stood Still holds no allure for me, so I'll probably get my Christmas shopping done this weekend. Quantum of Solace, Australia, Four Christmases, Changeling, Twilight, Bolt and Role Models are all in local theaters. I'm going to try to catch Happy-Go-Lucky after I hit the mall. HoHoHo!


2 Dollar Productions said...

The Day The Earth Stood Still looks absolutely terrible to me, and I"m disappointed it was the #1 movie . . . Oh well, I'm starting my potential Oscar movie run next week, which should be fun.

Linda said...

2D~Looking froward to the Oscar run as well. The Christmas break will be a busy one at the cinema.