Monday, December 15, 2008

Bones and Babes In DVD This Week

I loved the first two Mummy movies. When the third installment came out, the reviews were so mixed I couldn't bring myself to shell out movie theater cash to see it. Today it arrives in DVD and my copy will be in my hands tonight. Mama Mia! has had a fantastic run in theaters and will be a fun rental for folks who like romance and musicals. A super chick flick, The Women, hits DVD today along with The Traitor. In an odd, end of the week release, The House Bunny is out in DVD on the 19th. Another one I couldn't get to in the theater, but am anxious to see. The documentary American Teen comes out on the 21st (huh?). A film festival darling, a look inside the lives of kids in high school. Lots to see this week, enjoy.

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2 Dollar Productions said...

That last 'Mummy' film was supposed to be very dicey, so it was probably smart to wait for DVD.

And I like Anna Faris a lot, so I might check out 'Bunny' if my wife wants to see it.