Sunday, September 07, 2008

He's My Dad ... Meet the Film Maker

As a film fan, it's always a thrill to meet a film maker. Yesterday I was at a party, and in walked Heath Mensher. What? You've never heard of Heath Mensher?!? I predict that some day you will. Heath is young film maker I met a few years ago. This year, he made a short film called He's My Dad that is funny, thoughtful, quirky and touching. A thirty minute resume for this creative film maker to take to market. He had a great turn at the Palm Springs Short Film Festival, being one of the film makers interviewed by the local news station. (press ... yay!!) He told me that he's off to the Route 66 Film Festival, with his film as part of the program. He's excited, animated and working on a feature. It's always fun for me to talk to film makers about their work and their projects. A big smile, enthusiastic conversation and his lovely wife accompanied him to the party. Always nice to see Heath, I'm hoping that he gets that feature film made, I'll be first in line for a ticket!

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