Saturday, September 20, 2008

Benjamin Wagner ... live!

I'll admit it , I'm a big fan of Benjamin Wagner. Musician, film maker, athlete, writer, husband, son, uncle, friend, media executive, good guy. I've only seen him live once, 2 years ago, late at night, rather tipsy (me, not him). He was playing in NYC today. My friend Randi and I dropped in to Rockwood Music Hall, to catch an hour of Ben Wagner's musical magic. His friends and family filled the room. There was beer, wine, Shirley Temples, sippy cups and strollers. The crowd was all ages, we were ready. Ben and his crew (Chris, Tony, Jamie and Casey) took the stage, and launched into a handful of songs from his new release, The Invention of Everything Else. I was happy to hear these songs live. Then the show shifted gears. You are My Sunshine and this Little Light of Mine rocked the house, along with a bunch of kids that joined in song and dance. I was the lady at the bar, in the back, singing along and enjoying the reverie. It was awesome, nice show Ben!

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