Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Wackness

Memorable quotes from The Wackness :

"I see the dopeness in everything, and you just see the wackness."

"We just come in here to laugh at the weird old guys."

"I'm not a virgin, I just haven't officially had sex yet."

For me, The Wackness is a brave film that tells the story of a young man trying to find his way with his heart and his life. Odd friendships and young love, make for an interesting story. The characters are quirky, and wear their hearts on their sleeves. The references to life in New York City in the early 90's are poignant, accurate and bold. I enjoyed this film .... a lot!


Anonymous said...

as one who always sees the wac(k)ness in everything, I do want to see this film

Linda said...

Dianna~It's at the Avon, I think you'd like this one.