Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Dark Knight

I don't often post pictures here, but this license plate in the parking lot of the movie theater, when I went to see The Dark Knight today, was so appropriate. The movie was all I wanted it to be. The performances were strong. The bad guys, oh so bad, the good guys moral and flawed. There were plenty of surprises, and rockin' fight and chase scenes. The vehicles and gadgets always give me a thrill. Heath Ledger's performance, as The Joker, is one of the best I've ever seen. Nuanced and maniacal, as entertaining as he was freaky. Add another strong action movie to the summer collection!


Anonymous said...

I loved it!!! Yes,maniacal,that is the word that kept running through my mind whenever the Joker was on screen. BIF! POW! ZOWIE!

Linda said...

Dianna~It's nice to see a movie and performance live up to the hype .... glad you liked it!

2 Dollar Productions said...

Great review. I posted mine this morning.

And I meant to mention on your QHF comment that I also like Wright's work quite a bit & can't picture him in a fight. Ha.

Linda said...

2D~Thanks. May have to see this one again, just to revel in the drama.

Yeah, I picture Wright sitting at a table watching the bar brawl, having a good laugh, not getting in the mix. Who knew?