Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Flick Picks 7/11/08

The big red guy arrives in RI theaters this weekend, Hellboy : The Golden Army should be a fun ride for fans of the comic book hero. Journey to the Center of the Earth as well, a family adventure. I was asked what my favorite movies of the summer are so far, and I'll say that WALL-E tops the list. Iron Man is on my "must see" list. This has been such a great summer of movies, so far. Don't forget Indiana Jones, Get Smart, The Incredible Hulk, Hancock and Wanted. Mongol, The Edge of Heaven and The Fall are in art houses. The kids will enjoy Kung Fu Panda and Kit Kittredge. Grab a popcorn, sit back and enjoy!


2 Dollar Productions said...

I would also place "Wall-E" and "Iron Man" at the top, and I like that "Indiana Jones" has spawned the term "Nuking the fridge" because I remember watching that in the theaters and thinking this is really, really unnecessary. Ha.

Linda said...

2D~That fridge scene bugged a lot of people .... "nuking the fridge" - funny!