Tuesday, July 29, 2008


When I was fresh out of college, I had a job as the assistant to the director of an air show. I was 21, single, ambitious and loved airplanes. I met acrobatic pilots from all over, and more military flight jocks than any girl could dream. It was a fun job and a wonderful education. Our show was respected in the industry, and so was I. The pilots were always very sweet, and sometimes protective. At the frequent parties, if I was getting what appeared to be unwanted attention, I would feel an arm around my shoulders, and a familiar voice greeting me in a brotherly fashion. One of my guardian angels was the jet pilot Corkey Fornof. Not only a talented stunt pilot, but a hell of a nice guy and easy on the eyes.

In my continuing quest of viewing all that is James Bond, next was Octopussy. The opening sequence involves an escape from the bad guys in a miniature jet. As I watched, I thought, "hmmm, that move looks familiar." Upon checking the credits, sure 'nuff, the stunt pilot was my bud Corky Fornoff. Fun stuff. The movie was OK, a bit slow. I liked Maude Adams as Octopussy. Sexy and strong, a good Bond character. Most fun for me were the aerobatic stunts, thanks Corkey!

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