Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mama Mia!

For years, the posters of Mamma Mia!, the Broadway musical, have assaulted me every time I visit New York. Though I love musical theater, I have never had the desire to see it. The premise sounded silly and c'mon, ABBA?!? All set. Then, this spring a trailer came on TV, for the movie version. It looked so joyful and fun, I was smitten. And ever since an encounter with Meryl Streep, her performances carry new meaning for me. I was sold.

After reading mixed reviews, I went to see the new movie Mamma Mia! today. No expectations, I figured it would be silly and light. For the most part, I was right. The beginning of the movie was fun , developed the characters well and I'm grateful that I have no familiarity with ABBA tunes. A lot of the musical numbers need to be taken for the fun that is intended. Then the second act hit, and I became the blubbering mess in the middle of the movie theater, as I watched a single mother spend the night before her daughter's wedding in maternal bonding bliss. (Once again, did not bring enough Kleenex *damn*) The third act was a bit of a mess, plot wise, but the crazy antics and happy ending worked for me. There has been criticism of the singing performances, especially the men, but it kind of reminded me of the myriad of 50th birthday parties I've been to in the last few years. My friends and I sound a lot worse, though we have just as much fun! Mamma Mia! was a fun summer movie for me!


Anonymous said...

I'm one of those people who liked the cheesey Abba songs back in the day.I found myself smiling through the whole movie but have to admit I had to dab my tearfilled eyes a few times too.Very impressed with Meryl not being Meryl.

Linda said...

Dianna~Along with the cheesy, there was the poignant.

Lori said...

Hi Linda---

I've only ever seen the play, but I truly don't get why the critics are bashing the flick like they are. All it is is an excuse to sing and get up and dance...I mean, what else should anybody really expect from a story built around a bunch of ABBA songs? Critics need to lighten the hell up.

Linda said...

Lori~Though not a perfect film, this one was truly joyful! I have a friend who went to a screening where people were dancing in the aisles! I think critics are just a grumpy bunch, they should sing and dance more!