Monday, April 30, 2007

Purple Violets

I have always enjoyed films made by Edward Burns. Though he has enjoyed success with big studio films like Saving Private Ryan, 15 Minutes and The Holiday, he likes to make small, independent films based on people's heart stories. At the screening of The Groomsmen last year, he mentioned the film Purple Violets. I attended the premiere screening of this film last night. The story of a successful author in a writing slump is not new, but throw in a reunion with some college friends, and rekindling of some old romances and we've got a good story. Burns gives us great dialogue and his cast brings it to life with style. Once again new York City is a character in the film. Many of the scenes were shot on the streets I've been walking for the last few days, funny to watch the characters move on familiar ground. I kept thinking, "I was there today ...... and there ....... and there .... hmm". Just a pleasure. The whole cast was at the screening, and we were siting right across the aisle from them. Debra Messing, Selma Blair, Patrick Wilson, Donal Logue and Dennis Farina all look fantastic, I hope I didn't stare too hard! Burns' enthusiasm and candor during the Q&A really showed how much he loves making films.


2 Dollar Productions said...

I just watched The Groomsman last night, and it was OK. I liked many of Burns' previous films (McMullen, She's the One, Sidewalks) much better.

Also, The Good Shepard was solid (good acting, directing), but it wasn't very exciting, which you would think that the birth of the CIA would be generate more heat.

Linda said...

I agree, I wold not say the Groomsmen is his best. I just saw Sidewalks of New York and really liked it. Be interesting to see if Purple Violets has any commercial success.