Sunday, April 22, 2007

Rhode Island at Tribeca 2007

I've finalized most of my plans for Tribeca Film Festival in NYC, I leave next Saturday!! There are some interesting Rhode Island connections to some of the films and events I'm attending.

The first film I'll see is The Education of Charlie Banks. Fred Durst, of Limp Bizkit fame, directed this film and did a lot of the filming in Rhode Island. This film created quite a stir while it was here, the students on the east side were spectators and the local news folks were all over it.

The last film I'm seeing is Normal Adolescent Behavior, with Amber Tamblyn. The filming shut down the small town of Wickford for a few days. Traffic is unheard of in Wickford, so it was quite an event. (Yeah, traffic is an event in RI .... it's a small place).

I love comedy, so I got a ticket to a panel titled, "Look Who's Laughing". Women in comedy are the topic. Rachel Dratch, of SNL fame, is on the panel. She has come to the Newport Film Festival several times, and rumor has it she has relatives in the area. I met her a few times, and saw her show with the Upright Citizen's Brigade last year. Also on the panel is Debra Messing, of Will & Grace and film fame, who lived in RI in her teen years. She was a RI Junior Miss and hailed from the town next door to mine. Nothing like making TIFF feel like home!!

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