Monday, April 16, 2007

Brits and Bad Guys in DVD

I really enjoyed the British films History Boys, Notes on a Scandal and The Last King of Scotland. These were some of the best films of 2006.
Smokin' Aces is a mob vs cops, racing the assassins film (got that?), with a bang, bang shoot em up ending. All worth a look in DVD.


2 Dollar Productions said...

If this was an SAT question about which one doesn't belong with the others, I'd have to vote for Smokin' Aces. Ha.

But I bet it might be fun.

Linda said...

Got that right! Smokin Aces is a frantic chase movie, worthy of DVD, but not full price theater ticket. I have trouble being objective, cuz I have a soft spot for Jeremy Piven and Ray Liotta.

Abe Froman said...

So I saw the History Boys last night. At first I thought I really wasn't going to enjoy it, but then the moview surprised me and really started to delved into some of the characters a bit more. In the end I have to say that it was a good movie that I want to see again.

Linda said...

Glad you liked it, this film was a pleasant surprise for me too!