Saturday, April 07, 2007


Top 10 things I liked about Grindhouse:

10 The super chatty girls sitting behind me left after the first feature.
9 The pace of the 2 films is so different, really drives home that you've seen a double feature. More of a cinematic experience than just going to a movie. Even the fake trailers are entertaining.
8 Fantastic cameo appearances from Nick Cage, Bruce Willis and Fergie.
7 Marley Shelton as a doctor in super high heels!
6 So well written and acted, all performances are fantastic!
5 Rodriguez is the master of the gross and the explosive.
4 Tarantino is the master of dialogue and the camera shot.
3 Sydney Poitier as a morning radio show DJ.
2 Kurt Russell as a creepy stalker who gets what's coming to him.
1 Cherry Darling as the best movie badass with a machine gun leg!

I had a blast!!


2 Dollar Productions said...

I was traveling this weekend or I would have seen this one. As it stands, I can't wait to check it out this weekend, especially with this review as I was hoping they were all true. It just looks like a lot of fun.

Linda said...

#11 thing I loved about this movie was the audience I saw it with. Mostly 20-somethings, who laughed and reacted in all the right places. There was one young man who came into the theater after the film had started, and declared loudly "it's dark in here!" Got a big laugh and set the tone. Hope you like it, and have as much fun as I did, enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Grindhouse definitely legitimized the theater experience, making the trip to the cinema fun and enjoyable. In times when the theater experience is filled with talkers and cell phones, Grindhouse shows that the good theater experience still exists. Nice list.

Linda said...

The audience experience in the theater is a big part of going to the movies for me, Ryan. You never know what's going to happen and who's going to show up!