Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Oscar Noms 2007

So the Oscar nominations have been announced. It has been a good year in film and I think all nominees are very worthy. My only gripe with this whole process is the use of the term "snubbed". These are awards for achievement, not the junior high lunchroom. If a film or performance is not nominated, then it did not get enough votes, plain and simple. In my opinion, especially in awards for the arts, people will vote "for" something, not "against". The five pictures nominated for Best Picture are films that received the most votes from the members of the academy. Were I a voting member, I would have put films like Children of Men and Last King of Scotland in the top 5 .... that's the subjective part. I know the Oscars are a huge marketing machine, but the "glass is empty" press bugs me.

I choose to cheer on those nominated. I love the unexpected nominations for folks like Abigail Breslin, Ryan Gosling and Mark Wahlberg. Here's to the achievement of just getting a film to an audience, and a fun Oscar Award show!!


2 Dollar Productions said...

I love the Oscars, but I way behind on the films this year.

And I was damn happy that Wahlberg got a nod for "The Departed" because he was excellent in that one.

Linda said...

I only have 2 more films to see, and I will have seen all the nominated films except foreigns, documentaries and shorts (they just don't come to theaters here). It' sbeen a fun year. I think Wahlberg was most ignored by the press and critics in The Departed, so I'm glad to see him get the nom too. He was good in Invincible this year as well.