Thursday, January 25, 2007

Curse of the Golden Flower

My Mother is a good sport, and she is always saying she wants to go to the movies with me. When Curse of the Golden Flower was nominated for an Oscar for Best Costumes, I figured here was the film. 10th century China, Emperor, Empress, history, pageantry, ninjas, deceit, revenge, murder, rated R for violence, whaaaat?!?!?! Have I mentioned that my Mother is a good sport? The film was OK. The story was very melodramatic (a lot like the operas she enjoys)and there were way too many long lingering shots. And did they have flying ninjas in 10th century China? The visuals were outstanding, the shear number of bodies in any one shot was impressive. Were the costumes Oscar worthy? Absolutely! Thanks for indulging my hobby Mom, only two more films to go!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, This is great!!! Sean called me about a month ago and said that you were on the radio. I thought he was crazy until Kyle and I heard you last Friday. Hope everyone is doing well. Keep in touch. Stephani