Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tribeca Talks: Ron Howard with Brian Williams

When I saw a Tribeca Talks panel with Ron Howard I said, "I'm in." When I saw that Brian Williams was interviewing him it was a lock. Ticket bought, I knew this would be the perfect way to close out my week at Tribeca Film Festival. I got in line an hour ahead of time at BMCC and the line was already down the block. I got my favorite seat, first row upper tier, and I was ready. Right on schedule, Brian Williams was introduced and I was thrilled to see him in person. He wasted no time introducing Ron Howard and the questions began. Every question was followed by a wonderful story. Howard was generous, relaxed and funny. Williams was obviously a fan, especially notable in his Apollo 13 references. The two men had a wonderful back and forth and at the end of the interview I felt like I had a peek inside the life and work of Ron Howard. A very satisfying event.

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