Friday, April 25, 2014

All the Way

I spent an amazing day with my family today. They made me feel so happy and loved. On my way back to the city I knew I had to do something special to round out this wonderful day. Arriving at Penn Station I told myself, "you are 10 blocks from TKTS, go!" Muscling my way through the tourists in Times Square (crazy people) I arrived at the ticket booth to find no lines and a ticket to the play All the Way. A quick cocktail and visit to the ladies room at Emmit O'Lunney's and I land in row M of the Neil Simon Theater.

The play? A brilliant study of the LBJ administration from Kennedy's assassination, to his reelection. When I was a kid, my Dad brought cowboy hats back from a trip to Texas. That year this 8 year old got talked into dressing like LBJ for Halloween. I wore one of my brother's sport jackets, a tie, fake nose and the hat. Everyone knew who I was supposed to be. It has always made me feel kindred to the man though I was too young to understand his politics. Bryan Cranston gives a dynamic performance as LBJ. What a play! The staging was very creative and moved in many creative ways from scene to scene. Though it was a long play, I savored every moment, it was that good. PS Tony Award nominations are well deserved.

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