Saturday, March 13, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

To begin, the 3D of Alice in Wonderland was unimpressive to me. I took my glasses off at one point and kinda liked it better. That said, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland is not for little ones. I'd say it's tough for kids under 6. The little boy sitting behind me (maybe 5 years old) begged to leave after 20 minutes. You must already have a knowledge of the characters in Wonderland. In this film it is portrayed as a gray, depressing Underland. Alice is 19, contemplating an obligatory marriage to a fop and follows the rabbit down the hole again. This story is dark, abstract and disjointed. It was OK, but definitely more caught up in the visuals and special effects, than the story or characters.


Ryan McNeil said...

Funny, the more I think back on this movie, the more I like it...though I totally agree that the 3-D effects are completely wasted in this sucker.

Hey, if you're interested, we actually did a review of Alice during my most recent podcast:

Linda said...

Hatter~I'll give the podcast a listen. Alice in Wonderland disappointed me, I'd be interested to see this without the distraction of the 3D.