Sunday, March 14, 2010

Green Zone

In Green Zone we experience the frustration of the unknown in Iraq circa 2003. Bad intelligence, lies and chaos make it difficult for people to make effective decisions. This film has a dark, in-the-moment vibe and does not make you want to know much more about the early situation in the Iraq War. The weak part of this story is that one man takes the fall for a lot of bad decisions. An OK film that cold wait to be seen in DVD.


Casey said...

I really couldn't stand this movie for a number of reasons. 1) ridiculous choppy camera work in that ending sequence. 2) awkward mixing of nonfiction and fiction. 3) flat characters and flat dialogue. 4) no sense of direction

Linda said...

Casey~Agree, this was a very weak film. That last chase sequence was almost boring because it was so difficult to follow and too long.