Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Flick Picks 2/19/10

What's the big news for me in RI theaters this weekend? Oscar Nominated Shorts at the Cable Car. I'm excited that these are being released to theaters. Adds more dimension to my Oscar Project. And what else? Scorsese's Shutter Island. Also in local movie news, the Providence Journal has stopped printing where and when movies are playing. They print reviews and synopses, but have omitted where and when you can see them. Poor marketing for RI theaters. Sucks, but I guess it's another sign of the demise of print media. In this case, looks to me like they are shooting themselves in the foot. I'll just climb down off my soap box now, and mention that Crazy Heart, Avatar, The Blind Side, The Young Victoria, The Princess and the Frog and Up in the Air are worth checking the Internet for places and times, cuz you won't find the listings in your morning ProJo.

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