Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Secret of Kells

The opening night of the Providence Children's Film Festival was an ideal setting to see The Secret of Kells. It was the opening night film, the Cable Car was crawling with kids and their parents, the popcorn was free, there were cupcakes, it was a very festive atmosphere. After all the welcomes, thank yous and introductions, the lights went out and the theater went silent. The beautiful animation and a simple, familiar story unfolded. As the credits rolled there was enthusiastic applause, and a little girl in front of me asked her brother, "did you like it?" He said, "yeah, it was scary, but really good." The drama of young Brendan and the Book of Kells impressed the young man. Though I can see why this film is an Oscar nominee, for me Ponyo should be in that slot. The Secret of Kells arrives in NYC on March 5th and goes wider March 16th. Worth a look.

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