Saturday, February 20, 2010

Strange Days

On the strength of the film The Hurt Locker, I wanted to see other work from Kathryn Bigelow. I rented the 1995 film Strange Days. In this story 1999 is presented as futuristic and a guy who sells illegal virtual-reality tapes gets caught up in a murder mystery. A good action flick, though a bit long. Angela Bassett is a fantastic badass. Worth a look.


Ryan McNeil said...

I've been trying to see this one for weeks, and everytime I go looking for it at Blockbuster it's out...must be people like you running interference!

If you're feeling Bigelow-esque, take a peek at THE WEIGHT OF WATER. It's not what I'd call a perfect film, but a very interesting story especially in its final act.

Linda said...

Hatter~Got my copy of Strange Days from Netflix. I'll add Weight of Water to my queue. I'm familiar with the title, but have not seen it. Thanks!