Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pirate Radio

I find radio to be an intimate media. When it began, it informed and entertained people, brought them together in living rooms and public places. With the invention of the transistor, it became personal. We could take it to work, to school, to bed, to the beach, in the car, it became the backdrop of our everyday activities. We relate to and feel close to the people who entertain us over the airwaves, they are in our lives. Radio became an important form of exposure for musicians. When rock and roll hit the airwaves, the music world exploded. There was a concern among adults of how this music was affecting the morality of the youth. In England, the BBC banned rock and roll from radio programing. A rouge group of broadcasters took to the North Sea on a huge ship, and became a radio sensation with Rock Radio. This is the subject of the film Pirate Radio. It is about freedom, rock & roll, fandom, friendship, entertainment and personalities. The music used in this film truly captures the era. It's worth sitting through the credits to see the list of songs and artists. The end of this film surprised me. Being a radio fan myself, it struck me as a tribute to radio folks and their connection with their fans. I love radio, I loved this film.

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