Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Walk with Twilight

I was not aware of the Twilight Saga novels until they started to promote the film Twilight last year. When I heard about vampires and teen romance, I was out. As the opening date of "the highly anticipated" Twilight approached, I kept thinking "anticipated by whom?" Then the coverage of the screaming tweens began. This put me even further out. But being a film fan, my curiosity was getting the best of me. What was all the screaming about? I had resigned myself to the fact that I would see this film out of sheer curiosity. The weekend the film opened, I was with my newborn grandson, and decided that rocking him was more important than a vampire movie. On the table next to the rocker, was a paperback copy of Twilight. My daughter is a voracious reader, and she had bought it for a light read. I picked it up and read half of it in about an hour. It made me feel 14 years old. I was hooked. Zipping through the first book, I found Bella to be the most annoying character I'd ever read. I decided I was too old to get it. When I finally rented the film Twilight, I was sorely disappointed. It sucked. Once again, I was out.With the hype of the film New Moon hot on the heels of Twilight and the promise that New Moon was a better story, I picked up a copy of New Moon off a bargain rack. Hell, $5 was a good deal. I was reading it while I was on vacation in NYC and have never had so many people comment on what I was reading. There was a very funny conversation in a bar with two young bartenders, a middle aged man and an older gentleman. Everyone's reaction to the book was age and gender appropriate, very interesting ( and entertaining). So now I was in, the "saga" is only 4 books, so I buy a copy of Eclipse. As good as, if not a bit better than New Moon, now I'm committed to finishing the series. As the film New Moon opens, I'm half way through Breaking Dawn, and happy to hear that the second film is better than the first. Stay tuned .......

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