Saturday, November 14, 2009

An Education

On Tuesday, my daughter messaged me that she had just seen An Education. I had Wednesday off, so I took a short road trip to the Madison Art Cinemas, to see it as well. I experienced a smart, emotional take on the life of a young woman in 1960s London. A man in his mid 30s takes an interest in a 16 year old girl. The story starts out as a romance, but reality starts poking in, and things unravel. I liked the turns the story takes, the performances are outstanding. Seeing a movie like this by yourself is a little rough, because there's so much to discuss. Coming out of the film, I had a message from my daughter that said, "so, what did you think?" I called her on the way home, and we had a wonderful post-film chat. We may live 200 miles apart, but it was like we saw the movie together. Thank you technology. Terrific film.

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