Sunday, October 19, 2008


I've been mildly amused by the confusion surrounding the pronunciation of the new Oliver Stone film W. Some pronounce it "dub-el-yew" and are corrected, or correct themselves, to say "dub-ya". To me, that's the most entertaining thing about this film. Ever since this project was announced, I can't think of any other political figure I find less interesting. The redeeming quality of the film are the performances. The actors bring their A-games, Josh Brolin disappears inside the character of George W. Bush. I found the events depicted in W. to be disturbing, and a dark piece of American history. Politics is a complicated subject. The activities and decisions behind the scenes are not always what we want to hear. This film had me shaking my head.


2 Dollar Productions said...

Thanks for the review as you listed many reasons I don't care to see this one (and I bet Brolin is good).

I could just care less as W. isn't even out of office yet & there's also a real election about to happen.

It just seemed like a waste of a lot of talented people's time to me.

Linda said...

2D~Y'know, I really didn't want to see this one either, but I couldn't resist the buzz. The performances are amazing. I wonder if Stone is an actor's director, they seem to line up to work with him. It's the subject that's not worthy.