Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Next stop on my quest for satisfying political film fare, is Oliver Stone's Nixon. I was in Washington, DC, on a girl scout field trip, while the Watergate hearings were being held. The mood in town was sober and tight lipped. A tough time for American politics. The film, Nixon, is an interesting interpretation of the political rise and fall of Richard Nixon. The performances are wonderful. Dramatic and true to the tone of the events. Stone edits dramatization with newsreel footage for a dramatic, historical effect. I liked this film a lot. In a way, inspiring (watch the credits). As an aside, check out the film Dick, for a lighter (but pretty accurate) depiction of this time in history.


Jess said...

Hey Linda,
Are you part of the LAMB? I like your blog (found through Nayana's). Definitely e-mail Fletch if you're interested. Great thing to be part of.

Linda said...

Jess~I like your blog too. I don't watch a lot of TV, but reading sites like yours helps me keep up. Keep an eye on the LAMB, I'll be there soon! Thanks for the note.