Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Know Where I'm Going

I appreciate a good film recommendation, from a dependable source. In the case of I Know Where I'm Going!, the source was David Letterman. In an interview with Tilda Swinton, he brought up the Scottish film. Swinton and their conversation became so animated, I immediately put the film in my rental que. Made in 1945, this charming story of a woman traveling to remote Scotland to marry her dream husband, is derailed by chance, weather and love. A good story, beautiful scenery and men in kilts *sigh*. (I wish I could remember where I learned the song featured in this film) I've always respected Letterman's taste in film, this was a good one. Thanks Dave!


2 Dollar Productions said...

You've been seeing a lot of stuff lately . . . thanks for the Body of Lies review as I wanted to see it this weekend, but ran out of time (probably next weekend).

And I plan to go back and visit a lot of Newman's work in the near future, so I think that's very cool about you seeing Woodwards.

Finally, I thought that 'Alienate Friends' looked pretty shaky despite an interesting cast, which is too bad.

Linda said...

2D~Body of Lies an ok matinee, be interested to see what you think. I have a few old Newman films in my que as well. Alienate was disappointing, if you're curious, wait for cable.