Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pieces of April

Certain holidays bring out seasonal film favorites. In the weeks leading up to Christmas you can watch It's a Wonderful Life almost any time, night or day. At Easter The Robe and Jesus of Nazareth tend to show up.

A few years ago I saw a wonderful film called Pieces of April , and have declared it to be my favorite Thanksgiving movie. This small, independent film stars Katie Holmes, Patricia Clarkson, OliverPlatt and Derek Luke. April is the family black sheep, living in a small apartment in NYC. Her mother is being treated for cancer, and not strong enough to handle the holiday preparations. The family is driving from suburban New Jersey, to the city for a Thanksgiving dinner that an inexperienced April is preparing. There are two story lines. The family's road trip and April's preparations. The film goes back and forth until two stories converge. This film is funny, poignant and a little edgy. For me it really captures the emotions of family, holidays, traditions and love. This film, from Peter Hedges, is a real gift. Happy Thanksgiving!

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