Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Host

Do the words Korean monster movie send you running to the theater? Me neither........ I needed the recommendation of one of my favorite film critics, Mike Russell, to get me to see The Host. Thanks Mike! In the year 2000, toxic chemicals are disposed of in Seoul's Han River. In 2006, a mutated fish, terrorizes the people of that city looking for lunch. The fish is one great movie monster! A young girl is captured by the monster, and her dim-witted father gets a call on his cell phone that tells him she's still alive. The government doesn't believe him, so her bumbling family sets out to rescue her. The political satire is excellent, this film is often funny. Every shot is a work of art, and rich with detail. The special effects are great! This film goes on my list of all time favorites, well done!


2 Dollar Productions said...

I read a couple of really good reviews on this one, and might have to check it out as my original thoughts had me in the same boat as you.

Linda said...

I put Marked for Death in my Netflix queue, always try to take recommendations when they come from good sources!