Sunday, March 04, 2007

Black Snake Moan

For me, in films the story does not have to be believable. Just give me a good story, well written and well acted. Black Snake Moan is that for me. Christina Ricci plays a nymphomaniac, whose boyfriend goes off to war. She is found half dead on the side of the road by a black man, whose wife has left him hurt and bitter. He decides to redeem her, and the first step is physical restraint, in the form of a big-ass chain. The two become friends, and their lives change. Though the chain is the focus of all the promotions, it is secondary to the plot and result. The acting in this film is great. The rookie, Justin Timberlake, holds his own with veterans, Ricci and Samuel L. Jackson.


Maximus Doom said...

I just saw this movie this weekend. This movie is not only good but deals with some very subtle stereotypes crawling just below its surface. I found myself wondering or thinking most of the time, "oh God, please don't do/say that." I found the plot fascinating and the acting quite realistic. The more-than-compelling characters, much like the chain, held you captive for most of the movie. In fact, I would say it was at least as good as the Departed in terms of suspence and turns. It is a very raw film that will challenge if not illuminate your personal thoughts on various issues. I thought the progression of fractured lives moving toward healing exceptionally believeable. I agree with you...2 thumbs up!

Linda said...

Well said, Maximus, glad you enjoyed it as much as I did!