Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Men on DVD...and a Story

Neil Youg:Heart of Gold is out in DVD today. One of the best concert documentaries I've seen.

A special edition DVD of The Princess Bride also comes out in DVD today, which brings me to a story......

I was Christopher Guest's driver at the Newport Film Festival last year. On Sunday, he asked me to show him the town, and help him do a little shopping for gifts for his family. We were in a store, looking at animal hand puppets for his son. He picked up a lady bug and said "Look how clever this is, the legs are a glove, but what do you do with this?" He was holding out the 6th leg. I said "Oh, that's for your 6th finger". He answered with "I don't really have six fingers." I thought to myself, what an odd thing to say. I then held up the octopus I was playing with and said "and this is for people with eight fingers!" thinking I was oh-so-clever. I remember thinking the whole exchange was a little strange. He bought a penguin and we moved on. Let me say here, it has been many years since I had last seen The Princess Bride. Fast forward to the next morning, and I am telling my daughter M about my day with Christopher Guest and she says, "I think my favorite role he's played is the Six-Finger Man in The Princess Bride" My face went flush, and the whole finger conversation from the day before was not so odd anymore!! To this day I wonder what he thought about that conversation, I mean, how many opportunities do you have for acusing someone of have six fingers in casual conversation!?!?! Yeesh!!!!

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