Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Breakup

The photo montage of Brooke and Gary, during the opening credits of The Breakup, is how we like to see couples, and how we like to imagine Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn in their personal life. When we meet Brooke and Gary, they are no longer that happy couple in the photos. Though The Breakup is promoted as a romantic comedy, I found it to be more of a drama with funny scenes. The demise of the relationship is evident in the first argument we witness, and it never gets better. The breakup is inevitable, and the film follows Brooke's attempts to fix it, but the relationship is beyond repair. I thought the issues in this breakup felt very real, which makes the story sad, but the supporting characters lend the levity you need to get through. I thought this was a good relationship drama, with well-placed comic relief.


Anonymous said...

That's probably one of the most apt descriptions of The Breakup that I've read. It definitely was not the laugh riot I expected of a Vince Vaughan movie. The story ended up being heavier than expected, but also a lot more interesting and I agree that the comic relief was just enough to get you through. My one complaint was the fact that Vince Vaughan reused some of his lines from other movies at times. I guess he's only got so many ideas when ad-libbing.

Linda said...

Dan~Thanks! I've always thought this was a sorely underrated film. The stars overshadowed the story. Vaughn's stardom often seems to get in the way of his performance, probably due to the ad lib.