Sunday, June 11, 2006

NIFF Day Five

The day began with the Mayor of Newport declaring June 10, 2006 "Diane Ladd Day". I picked up Ms. Ladd, her husband Robert and the NIFF publiscist to go to a book signing at the Opera House, before her screening of Rambling Rose. This was followed by an awards luncheon, where she was given the Pell Award for contributions to the arts (the Senator and his family were there), then she had a magazine interview. When all of this was finished, she looked at me and said "now I can play, show me this lovely city"! The weather had finally cleared, and I took her on a ride around Ocean Drive, by the historical landmarks in town and she stepped into a local shop and picked up a new hat. She and Robert invited me and a young man, Billy Best, to join them for dinner at the Black Pearl and a screening of the closing night film, Champions. After the film she asked, "is there anywhere to get ice cream around here?" So off to Coldstone Creamery we went. At Coldstone, Ms. Ladd looked at me over her ice cream cone and said "I am having such a good time!" Back at the hotel, I received a very warm hug (heart to heart), a thank you, and a lovely gift as we said our goodbyes. Ms. Ladd was leaving for a flight to Chicago at 4 AM, so she was ready to turn in. It was a wonderful day, and though I'm pleased that she and Robert had a good time, I did as well!!!

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