Monday, January 24, 2005

Million Dollar Snow Storm

I was with my daughter Liza in NYC this weekend to see the Broadway show Rent on Friday night (thanks Liza!!) The weather report for Saturday was snow. What would you do!?!!? We went to the movies!!!

Our first film of the day was Million Dollar Baby. My comment, as the credits rolled, was "wow" (through my tears). This was a great story, incredible acting and rip-your-heart-out emotional ride. Both of us enjoyed this film immensely!!!

When we came out of the theater, there was about 3" of snow on the ground, so we trekked down the street to see the documentary Born into Brothels. Film is a great way to see parts of the world you can't travel to. The footage of the way the children are raised in these brothels in Calcutta, and an outsider's efforts to rescue them make you want to jump on a plane. The effort to better these children's lives is admirable, but the eye-opening influence of family and culture is powerful.

On Sunday the sun was shining bright, but the snowfall overnight put off our travel for a day, so we headed for the theater to see Hotel Rwanda. Another eye opener to the atrocities that occur in the world, and the people who try to make a difference. Wonderful film.

We did watch both NFL playoff games, so we weren't totally movie obsessed. Both games were great, and though I know Liza is torn I've gotta say it "GO PATS !!!!"

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