Monday, January 03, 2005

Hotties of the Week

Though I have always thought Brad Pitt was cute, I never got the "hot " factor, until I saw him as Achilles in Troy. Out in DVD this week, this film was better than I expected, and Brad Pitt's buff look certainly made the character. There is a beach battle scene that is impressive also. Not a great film, but worth a look.

Another group of macho guys can be seen in Riding Giants, a documentary about surfing giant waves. The footage is mesmerizing, and the history of surfing, interesting. This film was screened at the Newport Film Fesitval this summer, and I must say these gentlemen are easy on the eyes in person. Awesome documentary.

And my favorite, of this group of hotties, are Harold & Kumar, in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. This film is very funny, a great social commentary and even a love story. This was another film I enjoyed more than I expected, especially a scene where they steal a car and rock out to the unexpected music found in the tape player.... hilarious!!!

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