Monday, November 22, 2004

How's the Hype?

I thought I'd try to address "the hype" on Mondays .... lots of fresh material after the weekend.

The worst:
After the success that was Gladiator, I jumped on the historic epic bandwagon big time. As my butt fell asleep through film after film, I realized how special that film was. Now we are faced with Alexander, which, I am afraid, will not be a sum of the parts.
Parts I love:
Colin Farrell
Angelia Jolie
history with a lot of action
men in skirts (we can discuss kilts later)
Parts that concern me:
Colin and Angie unveiled at Madame Tussaud's this week (uh oh)
3 hours long, can you say "edit" Mr. Stone?
stars on the red carpet that look like they'd rather be ANYWHERE else
elephants in a ground battle ?!?!?!

The best:
Oceans Twelve
If this film is anywhere near the quality of Oceans Eleven, I'll order the box set right now. First of all, the men are to die for, the women stand up to them, the story rocks, and, did I mention, the men are to die for!?!?! Oh yeah and sexy and funny and smart and funny and sexy and .... oh this film is overload for me on every level !!!! I love the trailers, the interviews, whew .... it better live up to the hype!!! Can't wait!!

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