Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Best and the So-So

Ah where to begin with the weekend viewing!?!? How 'bout DVD's? They Shoot Horses Don't They? is a film from 1969 about the desperation of people in the depression. The plot revolves around a dance marathon that offers prize money ... for some, their only hope of an income. The film is brilliant, but very depressing. A young Jane Fonda and Gig Young are great. Worth seeing, but have a comedy ready next!! I had The Stepford Wives remake sitting in line. Well done and I loved the ending ... Glenn Close can do anything!!! On a TV note, Ice Age is on tonight, great animated film from a few years ago. Love the running gag with the weasel, right through the closing credits!!!

In theaters this weekend, Finding Neverland did not disappoint. This biopic of JM Barrie's possible journey to the story of Peter Pan is well written, acted and filmed. There is not a weak spot in the cast and we can look forward to Depp and young Freddie Highmore in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory next year. Winslet and Christie are elegant and strong as ever. A gentle telling of what may have been in the man's life. On the other hand we have Alexander **sigh**, what to say (I had high hopes for this film)!?!? All performances are outstanding, but what they were asked to do boggles my mind. The speeches are long and boring, the names and history confusing and then Stone tries to be artistic (this could have been a good 2 hour movie)....... if you are curious, as I was, it's an OK film. If you are annoyed by rambling, overdone, confusing epics, go see The Incredibles!

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