Sunday, November 21, 2004

Film Finds

On revisiting the Virgin Suicides I realized that the film is still very sad, but a true piece of film as art. After seeing 2 other pieces of Sofia Coppola's, Lost In Translation and Lick the Star, I find I like her style and sense of humor. Glad I gave it a second look.

I asked the kids to recommend some fun films a few weeks ago, and picked up an old Bruce Willis film, The Fifth Element .... Crazy, futuristic sci-fi action, another film with a sense of humor.

If your looking for fun stuff in the theaters, try After the Sunset. Predictable heist film, but lots of laugh out loud moments, Woody Harrelson is great! Salma Hayek gets my vote for most beautiful actress in Hollywood these days (Catherine Zeta Jones move over) and the rumors abut she and Edward Norton may be true. He used to work on her films when they were together, and he's in a shot in the opening sequence of this film. Hmmmmm


Mel said...

What rumors about her and Ed Norton? They were openly dating, right?

Linda said...

They broke up a while back, and there was a rumor last week that she had answered a question in such a way that the gossip rags were speculating that they were secretly seeing each other. Think I saw it on IMDB, but I can't think of the specifics ..... had not heard they were openly dating.

Linda said...

I need to research before I post. The story is in the IMDB celebrity news archives for 11/19 ... it was in a taping of Inside the Actor's Studio. I have so much to learn!!!