Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tribeca Film Festival 2017 Day 1

Starting out in Brooklyn this morning, I have lunch with Liza and Mason at Westville in DUMBO. I collect my stuff and get in a cab to the Cosmopolitan in Tribeca. After I unpack, I meet Randi at Max for dinner. It's a stormy night so we take a quick walk to BMCC for a screening of Paris Can Wait. Snacks were served before and after the film. Eleanor Coppola, Diane Lane and Arnaud Viard gave an interesting Q & A. I made sure to say hello to my favorite house manager, Charles. He's worked for the festival for 16 years and I always enjoy chatting with him. When Randi and I part ways, I stop in to Reade Street Pub for a nightcap. A very inebriated guy hits on me. He is uninsultably drunk and disappears as quickly as he appears. Funny end to the evening. Great start to my little vacation.

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