Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Paris Can Wait

After running through the pouring rain, I was grateful to see that they were seating the film Paris Can Wait at the BMCC theater instead of making people wait outside. Awaiting us were ushers with boxes of snacks to take to our seats. I knew there would be a food tasting but wasn't' sure how they would manage the logistics. This was perfect. After saying hello to my favorite house manager, Charles, We settled in to enjoy this charming road-trip film. Early in the film I decided that Diane Lane has the most expressive eyebrows on film. The story is charming, the characters interesting. There is a lot of food and wine in the film, so the second round of snacks they passed out before the Q & A was welcome. Eleanor Coppola crafted a film I would be happy to see again. Well done.

9/7/17  **Watching this again in DVD I check out the extras which gave insight to Coppola and her process. I find her to be inspiring.

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