Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Danish Girl

Walking out of The Danish Girl, I was struck by how well the inner torment of a trans-gendered man was communicated. Through actions, looks, gentle words and persistence, we see the conflict and struggle of Einer Wegener's desire to physically become the woman he feels inside. From gestures, to clothing, to makeup, to his art, Einer gradually lets Lili develop and evolve. In the 20s this was unheard of and he was supposedly the first to attempt sex reassignment surgery. On top of this, his wife Gerda is supportive and loving. Her roll is a bit heartbreaking. The story in the film is based on the Wegener's time together, but poetic license is taken with a lot of the characters and events. This is an astounding story that champions identity and love. Such a powerful film. Loved it.

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