Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Screen Scenes: Ziegfeld Theater, New York, NY

Upon hearing about the Ziegfeld Theater closing in NYC, I reflected back to the day I last visited there. I was on vacation in NYC and was on a mission to visit this iconic theater. The day I decided to go, the film Ocean's was playing. I was thrilled. Underwater footage on a big screen sounded great to me. The entrance to the theater is unremarkable from the street, but as soon as I walked through the doors it was magical. I climbed the carpeted stairs to a lobby where an usher welcomed me with, "Hello miss, you are the celebrity here today!" It was a quiet, matinee day and there were not many people around so I was definitely being schmoozed and I loved it.Walking into the theater, I tried to drink in everything. Velvet ropes, lush carpets, fancy sconces, an enormous screen and rows and rows of plush seats. The movie was beautiful and looked great on that big screen. I had just come from a small screening room at the IFC Center, so the contrast made this experience even more dramatic. Glad that I got to visit this iconic theater.

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