Friday, April 26, 2013

Tribeca Film Festival 2013 Day Two

Waking up to a crisp, clear morning in Brooklyn, I decided that the pups needed a little exercise. We walked the waterfront and around the neighborhood. A little lunch at the apartment and then I'm off the the East Village. Giving myself time for a little desert at The Smith, I head to the AMC Village 7 for a screening of The Director. This documentary is the story of the creative director at Gucci, Frida Gianinni. With no q&A I have just enough time to hop on the subway and make my way to Tribeca. Passing City Hall there is a protest going on and construction has made a mess of Chambers Street. As I go into the theater at BMCC I realize it is 2 years since I was last here. It feels good to be back. Julianne Moore gave a quick introduction to The English Teacher, a comedy I enjoyed. Back in the subway I return to Brooklyn, feed the pups and realize that I have time to cross the street to reRun and catch the film Trash Dance. The Q&A with director Andrew Garrison and two of the men in the film turns into a friendly conversation. Nice people, great film. After the film I walked down the street to where they are filming Animal Rescue. I see lights, trucks and equipment, but no star sightings. Time for bed and the satisfaction of a wonderful day.

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