Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tribeca Film Festival 2013 Day Four

I woke up to another beautiful sunrise on my last day in NYC. First order of the day was taking the dogs for a walk. After a quick lunch I headed to the subway only to learn that there was no F train. Got on an A and made a few wrong turns on the streets and had to hustle to the theater. A Single Shot was my final film of the festival. A taught thriller I enjoyed, and the film maker and it's star were in attendance. After an up close and personal encounter with Rockwell and Rosenthal I ducked into Heartland Brewery for a beer to settle my jangled  nerves. I navigated the subway better on my return to Brooklyn and swung by Smorgasberg to pick up some jerky for the kids. On the way home, I bought a box of Brooklyn Cupcakes for my house sitter and brought a lasagna back to the apartment for dinner. Packing up while the pups watched, was kind of sad. The ride home was uneventful, though I was puzzled by road work in CT late on a Sunday night. Arriving home, I had the after vacation feeling of bliss. It has been an amazing week with a lot of fun people and wonderful film. Thanks NYC. Thanks Tribeca Film Festival. Thanks Liza & Ryan. Thanks to all the friends who joined me. What a blast! Can't wait for Tribeca Film Festival 2014!!

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