Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Single Shot

A strong cast led me to check out A Single Shot on my final day at Tribeca Film Festival. A closed subway and a few missteps had me arriving at the theater sweaty and out of breath. Fortunately, there was an empty seat in the center of the sixth row. Perfect. The film is a thriller that complicates a man's life after a single shot of his rifle. The film is intense and tight with wonderful performances. After the film they brought out the director, David Rosenthal, who introduced the writer of the novel and screenplay, Matthew Jones and the star, Sam Rockwell. It was a thrill and the third time I've seen Rockwell live. The Q&A was interesting and people surrounded the men as the discussion ended. After checking the messages on my phone, I started to walk out of the theater. Two men were walking beside me. Looking to my left, I realized that one was Sam Rockwell. I blubbered an awkward "I love your work." He was sweet and we chatted for a moment. Walking away from him, as I passed the other exit of the theater, David Rosenthal almost bumped into me. We did the obligatory "excuse me", and I complimented his work as well ( loved Janie Jones). As I was walking down the street to find the subway, I realized I was shaking. My encounter with these wonderful film makers had rattled me. It was very cool that they were so nice. An Irish red ale at Heartland Brewery settled my nerves and I was so grateful for this run in. My last film at Tribeca Film Festival was wonderful.

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