Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Flick Picks 8/27/10

Thankfully I've had a lot of weekend commitments this summer, because Hollywood is doing little to entertain me this summer. This week's openings, Takers and The Last Exorcism hold little to no interest for me. Something that does interest me is the documentary The Big Uneasy from my pal Harry Shearer. It is playing all over on Monday, 8/30. Check your local listings. It's playing at the Showcase here in RI! In RI theaters worth a look? Inception, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, The Other Guys, Joan Rivers:A Piece of Work and Winter's Bone. Toy Story 3 is at the East Providence 10 go!go!go! Though it pains me to type this, Avatar is back in theaters. Cameron added 8 minutes to an already too long movie, and wants $15 more from you. In my opinion, more minutes can't make the movie suck any less. Goodness.


2 Dollar Productions said...

Cool wedding cake on the post below and it sounds like it went well. Welcome back.

Going to see 'Get Low' today and thanks for hte 'Pilgrim' review as I wasn't sure about that one.

Linda said...

2D~Wedding was amazing. Hope you enjoy Get Low.